Monday, April 1, 2013

Chasing the American Dream

In my last post I outlined my entire life's worth of goals and a basic outline of how I plan to achieve all of those outlandish desires. I say outlandish because I think if the average American were to look at them, they would not believe I was serious. But I think if you're going to dream, you might as well dream big! It's free, so why not?

The two things I need to work on first are building my AVON business and finishing my degree.
Last weekend I attended my first event as an Avon vendor. It was fun! I did not bring home a handful of cash, like I was hoping for. But I did meet a lot of great people to network with. The next day I immediately sent them all emails and I've retained three customers from that experience. I'm always looking long term, so that day was a success. This weekend coming up I have a two-day event that I'm hoping will be a little bit busier, since they have estimated a higher number of attendants than my first event.

The second thing I'm really focused on is finishing school. I hope that I will be finished up by next year. I started this quarter typing about 50 wpm on my steno machine, and now I'm up to 80 words per minute. I love feeling that progress! Hopefully by the end of Spring quarter I'll be up to 100 wpm at least.

For anyone who feels they are able to generously donate to a student working towards her future, please follow this link to help me out with my Spring Quarter textbooks! Every dollar is greatly appreciated, so please do not feel that any donation is too small. Thank you in advance!